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Garnier Ultra Doux Honey Treasures

Garnier Ultra Doux Honey Treasures

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Indulge Your Hair with the Natural Goodness of Garnier Ultra Doux Honey Treasures

Experience the restorative power of nature's nectar with Garnier Ultra Doux Honey Treasures, a hair care line designed to nourish and revitalize dry, damaged hair. This range combines the humectant properties of honey with royal jelly and propolis extracts, renowned for their strengthening and protective benefits.

The Ultra Doux Honey Treasures Promise:

  • Deep Nourishment: Honey's natural humectants attract and retain moisture, deeply hydrating dry, parched hair.
  • Damage Repair: The formula helps mend and smooth the hair cuticle, reducing frizz and split ends for a visibly healthier look.
  • Strengthening Power: Royal jelly extract helps fortify hair strands, promoting healthy hair growth and resilience.
  • Protective Shield: Propolis extract helps create a protective barrier on the hair, shielding it from environmental damage.

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