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Koleston Hypnotic Dark Chestnut 303 4

Koleston Hypnotic Dark Chestnut 303 4

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Unleash Alluring Depth: Wella Koleston Perfect Cover (303/4) Hypnotic Dark Chestnut

Embrace a captivating hair transformation with Wella Koleston Perfect Cover (303/4) in Hypnotic Dark Chestnut. This permanent hair color solution offers a rich, multi-dimensional brown for those seeking a sophisticated and alluring look. Wella's professional-quality formula delivers:

  • Hypnotic Dark Chestnut Shade: This permanent color deposits a blend of warm and cool brown pigments, creating a captivating dark chestnut with subtle highlights for added depth and dimension.
  • 100% Grey Coverage: Say goodbye to greys! This rich formula effectively conceals even the most stubborn silver strands, leaving your hair looking youthful and uniform.
  • Long-Lasting Vibrancy: Enjoy your hypnotic dark chestnut shade for up to 8 weeks with Wella's color-locking technology (results may vary depending on hair care routine).
  • Deep Moisture & Shine (if applicable): Check the packaging or Wella website to see if this specific shade includes nourishing ingredients. If so, mention them here (e.g., Keratin for strength or Mica for shine).

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