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Listerine 250ml Tartar Control

Listerine 250ml Tartar Control

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Listerine 250ml Tartar Control Antiseptic Mouthwash is a dental hygiene product designed to target plaque and tartar buildup, freshen breath, and promote overall oral health. Here's a breakdown of its potential benefits and features:

Claimed Benefits:

  • Reduces Plaque and Tartar Buildup: This Listerine formula aims to specifically prevent and reduce the formation of plaque and tartar on teeth, which can contribute to gingivitis and other oral health issues.
  • Freshens Breath: The formula targets bad breath bacteria, leaving your mouth feeling clean and refreshed.
  • Reaches Beyond Brushing: The mouthwash reaches areas that a toothbrush may miss, providing a more comprehensive clean.

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