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Rexona M Sport Defence Spray 200ml

Rexona M Sport Defence Spray 200ml

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Stay Protected & Fresh During Activity: Rexona Men Sport Defence Spray (200ml)

This deodorant spray is formulated for active men, offering powerful sweat and odor protection to keep you feeling fresh and confident during workouts or sports.

  • Up to 72-Hour Protection: Provides extended defense against sweat and odor for demanding activities.
  • Triple Protection Technology (Possible): Rexona Sport Defence may feature a triple protection technology that combats sweat, odor-causing bacteria, and moisture for comprehensive defense. Check packaging or online reviews for confirmation.
  • MotionX Technology (Possible): Some Rexona deodorants are equipped with MotionX technology that releases extra protection with movement. Online reviews can shed light on whether this specific version has it.
  • Fresh, Masculine Scent: Provides a pleasant and invigorating fragrance.
  • 200ml Bottle: Offers a good amount of product for regular use.

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